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Garnet Mala beads

Amethyst Mala beads

Mani Mantra Mala beads are handmade, one-of-a-kind gemstone mala beads.


There may be gemstones that resonate with you intuitively. If you would like a consultation to assist you in selecting a specific gemstone for your mala beads, Mani Mantra Mala is offering a new free service to assist you in selecting mala beads based on it's gemstone properties.

Chrysocolla Mala beads

Indian Bloodstone Mala beads

Mala Beads - A Mala (Sanskrit; mala, meaning garland) is a set of beads usually made from 108 beads. Malas Beads / Prayer Beads are mainly used to count mantras. These mantras can be recited for different purposes linked to working with the mind during meditation. Mani Mantra Mala's Mala/Prayer Beads are each one-of-a-kind and handmade from gemstones.